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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Population Control: “Is it Okay to Still Have Children?”

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for drastic measures to stop climate change, possibly even through population control, Saturday on an Instagram post. The freshman Democrat has taken a lot of criticism for her “Green New Deal” to address environmental

Shame on Democrats for Repeatedly Blocking Legislation to Save Babies From Infanticide

It’s not often that I’m surprised by statements made by elected officials. In Congress and around the country, I understand that Americans are a diverse group of people with strong opinions on issues from taxation to foreign policy to our

Pregnant Woman Wears Planned Parenthood Shirt During Labor During Episode of “SMILF”

Showtime’s SMILF has long roster of hypocrisy and awfulness in just two seasons on the air. But would it really be so tasteless as to have a pregnant woman wear a Planned Parenthood t-shirt while going into labor? By now

WATCH: Local News Airs Footage Showing Unsanitary Filth at Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

Filthy conditions and gross infection control violations at an unnamed Planned Parenthood abortion clinic were shown during a television news report on a new rule change that will strip Planned Parenthood of around $60 million in family planning grants. Louisiana

British Royal College of GPs Endorses Unlimited Abortions

Another medical body has signed up to the extreme decriminalisation agenda, with the Royal College of GPs announcing on Friday that it supports abortion being regulated by medical regulatory frameworks, not the criminal law. Representative? The RCGPs’ UK Council passed

I Broke a Centuries-Long Senate Tradition to Stand Against Abortion Up to Birth and Infanticide

It’s a centuries-long tradition that freshman senators abstain from speaking on the Senate floor for months to several years before delivering their so-called “maiden speech.” After watching Democrats propose or pass laws to legalize abortion up to the moment of

Abortion Activist Defends Aborting Her Disabled Baby Girl at 31 Weeks

Death, not healing, is now being pushed as the solution for a baby with disabilities. As the nation once again debates the morality of late-term abortion, parents are coming forward with stories about why they chose life or abortion for

Abortion Activist Sues to Stop President Donald Trump From Defunding Planned Parenthood

On Friday, President Donald Trump announced a new pro-life rule that would partially defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business. The new rule would cut as much as $60 million dollars of the abortion company’s taxpayer funding. But one abortion activist

7 detalhes que acabam com a sua produtividade sem que você perceba

Muitas vezes a culpa é das redes sociais. Ou daquela dor de cabeça que não deixa o cérebro funcionar direito. Ou então pelo simples costume de procrastinar. No entanto, não é sempre que a nossa produtividade cai por motivos que

New Poll Shows Americans Much More Pro-Life After Democrats Push Infanticide, Abortions Up to Birth

A new poll shows a massive shift towards the pro-life direction after Democrats promoted both infanticide and abortions up to birth. The new polling data from Marist University shows one of the biggest pro-life shifts in history. Americans moved towards