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Abortion Activists Vandalize Virginia Pregnancy Center, Spraypaint “Jesus Hates This S—” on Wall

A pro-life pregnancy center in Virginia was vandalized early Friday morning in what appears to be a politically-motivated attack. NBC News 29 reports police are investigating the vandalism at the Culpeper Pregnancy Center after someone spray-painted the organization’s building and

CBS Used Edited Video to Defend Governor Ralph Northam Supporting Infanticide

On Thursday, the CBS Evening News was the first to break the broadcast network blackout surrounding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s steadfast support for infanticide, aka killing newborn babies. Unfortunately, CBS downplayed the controversy by suggesting it was overblown by “conservatives pounc[ing]”

VH1 to Honor Pro-Abortion Nancy Pelosi as “Trailblazer” for Her Contributions to “Human Rights”

There’s no question that, at least until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez boogied out of the Bronx, Speaker of The House and badass sunglasses aficionado has been a patron saint to radical lefties everywhere, but do we really have to double down on

Woman Who Survived Abortion Slams Governor for Supporting Infanticide: “I Could Have Been Left to Die”

Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden criticized Virginia lawmakers for supporting late-term abortions and even infanticide Thursday, pointing to her life as an example of why their legislation is so horrific. Speaking with The Daily Caller, Ohden explained how she survived a

WATCH: Trailer Released for “Unplanned,” Movie About Planned Parenthood Director Abby Johnson’s Pro-Life Conversion

UNPLANNED: The True Story of Abby Johnson – in theaters nationwide March 29, 2019 – is the dramatic account of a former Planned Parenthood superstar. Johnson was one of their greatest allies as the youngest director of a clinic in

Ben Sasse Will Make Democrats Go on Record About Whether They Support Infanticide

For Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, it’s time to put up or shut up. With 10 Democrat Senators having refused to condemn Virginia governor Ralph Northam for supporting infanticide, Sasse has had enough and he will make them go on record.

Abortion Clinic Advertises It Kills Babies in Abortions Up to 36 Weeks

A Washington, D.C. abortion clinic unashamedly advertises that it will abort unborn babies almost up to full term. As the abortion debate boils again across the nation, questions about late-term abortions have resurfaced. When are they allowed and where? Who

10 Democrat Senators Refuse to Condemn Governor for Supporting Infanticide

Ten Democrat Senators have refused to condemn Virginia governor Ralph Northam for supporting infanticide. Earlier this week, Northam not only defended a bill in the state legislature that would legalize abortions up to birth – even if the mother is

Cory Booker Voted to Keep Abortions Legal Up to Birth, Opposed Late-Term Abortion Ban

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker has never been a moderate on the abortion issue. He consistently has stood by the Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda, and rejected even moderate abortion regulations, such as a late-term abortion ban. All indications suggest he

Celular: o que pode e o que não pode no ambiente de trabalho

A forma como as pessoas se relacionam com seus celulares mudou. No mundo corporativo, então, é difícil mensurar o impacto da chegada dos smartphones. Do CEO ao estagiário, o celular na mão, no bolso ou na mesa é praticamente uma