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Couple Defends Aborting Their Disabled Baby at 32 Weeks: “We’re Not Monsters”

A New York couple who lobbied for the state’s radical new pro-abortion law defended having a late-term abortion at 32 weeks after learning that their unborn baby was disabled. Now, Erika Christensen and her husband, Garin Marschall, are trying to

Bernie Sanders Supports Abortions Up to Birth With Absolutely No Limits: “That’s My View”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has never been a moderate on the abortion issue. And as a candidate for president he would take those views to the White House. He consistently has stood by the Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda, and rejected

Court Kills Iowa Law Banning Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

Iowa’s heartbeat law is dead after a state judge declared the abortion ban unconstitutional in January. The 2018 law would have banned abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. However, the Planned Parenthood abortion

Men in NY Can Kill a Woman’s Unborn Baby and Not be Charged With a Crime Under Its New Abortion Law

So much of the conversation surrounding abortion laws focuses on what women presumably want, with abortion advocates talking passionately about empowerment, control, or choice. But rarely do we acknowledge that laws regulating abortion often protect women from men who wish

Combater o desmatamento é possível. E necessário.

Desmatamento: o equivalente a 40 campos de futebol de florestas tropicais foi perdido a cada minuto em 2017 (luoman/Getty Images) O equivalente a 40 campos de futebol de florestas tropicais foi perdido a cada minuto em 2017. Apesar de todos os

Bernie Sanders Announces He’s Running for President, Has 100% Pro-Abortion Voting Record

Pro-abortion Senator Bernie Sanders announced today that he is running for president against President Donald Trump. While Trump has governed as a pro-life president, Sanders is strongly pro-abortion and has a 100% pro-abortion voting record. “We began the political revolution

Dezenas de túmulos judaicos são pichados com suásticas na França

O Ministério Público informou que abriu uma investigação para tentar localizar os autores do delito no cemitério israelita de Quatzenheim Por AFP access_time 19 fev 2019, 11h48 – Publicado em 19 fev 2019, 10h17 Suásticas são pichadas em quase 80

Governo Trump sofre ação de 16 estados após declarar emergência por muro

Ações alegam que medida do presidente para construir muro sem aprovação do Congresso é anticonstitucional Por AFP access_time 19 fev 2019, 06h48 Donald Trump: Presidente não conseguiu apoio do Congresso para construção do muro na fronteira com o México (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)

Maduro anuncia chegada de 300 toneladas de ajuda humanitária da Rússia

Venezuelano afirma que doações feitas pelos EUA e Colômbia, que estão bloqueadas na fronteira, são alimentos vencidos e contaminados Por EFE access_time 19 fev 2019, 06h13 Maduro: Venezuelano mantém militares na fronteira bloqueando ajuda humanitária enviada por EUA (Marco Bello/Reuters) Caracas

After Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth, New York Wants to Shut Down Christian Adoption Agency

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a faith-based adoption provider will be available for media interviews after a federal court hearing Tuesday in New Hope Family Services’ lawsuit against the state of New York. New Hope asked the court in December